How do Weighted Blankets Work?

Stitched weighted blankets provide pressure stimulation, known as ‘grounding’, which applies moderate pressure to the sleeper’s body and pushes them further into their sleep surface. Grounding also triggers the release of hormones that calm the nerves and promote a good night’s sleep. Using the correct weight is vital for preserving sleep quality and getting an adequate amount of rest each night. Weighted blankets should be tailored to the individual user. Most adults reach optimal comfort levels using weights about 7-12% of their body weight

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Design Features of Stitched Weighted Blankets

Stitched weighted blankets are filled with premium glass beads that are evenly distributed to ensure proper weight distribution.In addition to glass beads, our blankets also feature 100% cotton padding to provide a layer of cushioning between the beads and the your body. Stitched weighted blankets come with a minky cover, which is removable for washing. The cover is attached using 8 ties around the edges around the blanket. Weight and weight distribution: We currently carry 15 and 20lb blankets with an even distribution of weight. Adults usually feel most comfortable with weighted blankets that are roughly 7-12% of their own weight. ...

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What are the benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

Eases Insomnia Reduces Anxiety Eases Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome Improves Sleep Quality Boosts Mood Feels like a big hug Weighted blankets offer deep pressure stimulation, a form of touch pressure that feels like a firm hug, a massage, or swaddling. Deep pressure stimulation has been found to calm adults and children with anxiety, autism, and attention difficulties.

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